UTI Vs Yeast Infection

One of the factors for UTI is yeast infection. It is better to understand better about UTI vs yeast infection. UTI occurs due to the infection on the urinary tract. One of the causes of the infection is yeas.

Yeast is found to be around the vagina area in woman.
Some of the symptoms of UTI are, feeling itching sensation around the genital area.

Having irritation in the area around the genitals, and a vaginal discharge in woman that is curd like. These are few symptoms of yeast infection on the urinary tract.

Yeast infection is caused by the yeast canidida albicans which happen to be around the vaginal area of woman, and the infection monilial vaginitis.

Yeast is a common fungus which deposited itself under unhygienic environmental condition. Some of the common causes of yeast infection are, wearing very tight under garments, wearing the same under garment for few days, using unhygienic toilets.

Few antiseptic ointments are helpful in the prevention of yeast infection; those antibiotics are Monistat and Myostatin. Other antibiotics used in the treatment of yeast infection are Diflucan and Nizoral.

Recurrance of infection can be treatment with capsules made of boric acid inserted on to the vaginal area for a few days. This will avoid recurrace of infection.

To avoid yeast infection one must adhere to, clean toilet habits, using lubricants for intercourse, washing the genital before and after intercourse, avoid wearing very tight under garments

Wash the under garments every day, never wear the same under garment for more than one day, wear under garments made of cotton only. These are few habits to be followed to avoid yeast infection. The above said precautions must be adhered to avoid UTI vs. yeast infection.


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