Uti Vs Bladder Infection

UTI occurs commonly among men and woman. Knowing more about UTI vs. bladder infection gives an idea about the infection caused on the bladder and the precaution to be taken to avoid the recurrence of infection.

When compared to men, women are more prone to UTI, because of the body anatomical conditions. Bladder infection occurs due to bacteria in the feces passing on to the bladder thus causing the bladder infection.

One of the important organs in the urinary tract is bladder; bladder is the place where the urine is stored before being let out through the urethra.

If the infection is on the bladder then the urine will not pass out the bladder resulting in bladder infection. Bladder occurs due to the infection of E-coli bacteria on the urinary tract.

The bacteria gets deposited itself in the urinary tract and accumulate itself in the urinary tract resulting in bladder infection.Some of the symptoms of bladder infection are, having the urge to urinate but still urine not coming out, feeling pain while passing out urine, while passing out urine bladder is not emptied out fully.

On noticing the symptoms, it is always recommended to consult a physician at the earliest to avoid of infection at a later stage. UTI are always curable during the early stage of infection, but gets complicated during the later stage of infection.

If the bladder infection is not cured on noticing the symptom, there is all possibility of infection on the bladder passing on to the kidney. If the infection passes on to the kidneys, then the treatment gets complicated.

Symptoms of UTI on the kidneys are feeling fever, vomiting, nausea. On noticing the symptoms it is better to consult a physician at the earliest. If the kidneys are so badly due to the UTI, there is no choice other than to remove one of the kidneys.

By going through the above said UTI vs. bladder infection we come to know that bladder infections are always curable. By taking the necessary precaution, these bladder infections can be avoided at an early stage.


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