UTI Vaccine

UTI vaccine is developed for the benefit of millions of people affected all over the world with UTI. The vaccine actually kills the bacteria that causes the UTI, and also prevents the recurrance of the infection.

Solco is the company which develops the vaccine. The company is from Switzerland. The vaccine is in injectable form. This vaccine is tested and approved.

With the use of antibiotic, there is all possibility of recurrance of infection. With the use of vaccine, there is no recurrence of infection when tested with patients infected with UTI.

Immunoglobulins play an important role in the body. They actually increase the immunity of the body against infection. Any decrease in the immunoglobulin level will lead to infection.

The above said vaccine increases the immunoglobulin level of the body, thereby increasing the immunity of the body to a considerably high level.

The vaccine is based on the formula of body’s own fighting mechanism in fighting against the invading bacteria.Bacteria causing the formation of crystals and kidney stones is urease. Urinary tract is infected by proteus mirabilis.

Urease increases the pH, which in turn results in the formation of crystals. In order find a cure for all these infections a vaccine is developed by vaccinating with formalin.

By this vaccination, all the bacteria are killed and proved by quiet effective in the infection of UTI. This vaccine can be taken either by oral or intranasal. The vaccine can also be taken through the transurethral.

Immunization can also be obtained by injecting the vaccine in a intranasal way, by mixing CBA mice and MBP-Mrph. This combination proved to be very effective in the treatment of UTI.

UTI vaccine is always preferred over antibiotics, as by using antibiotics there is always possibility of recurrence of infection. By using vaccine, there is no recurrence of infection.


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