UTI Treatment Over the Counter

UTI treatment over the counter antibiotics can be taken during the early stages of infection. UTI are caused by the infection of bacteria on the urinary tract.

The bacterium that causes the UTI is E-coli. The bacteria get into the urinary tract through the urethra. The over the counter medicines should be taken during the initial stages of infection.

A person is infected with UTI because of the habit of not to urinate when there is a urge to pass urine, use of condoms with spermicide during intercourse, any formation of crystal or kidney stone in the kidney, person having history of diabetes.

Over the counter treatment methods to avoid infection through the above way is to have clean toilet habits. Always wash the genital area and the anus area at least once a day, if have the urge to urine pass freely until the bladder empties out, don’t hold urine in the bladder for a long period of time, if happen to have sex,

Always use condoms that are infection proof, to avoid kidney stone and crystal, try to consult a physician at an early stage of infection itself .Treatment at the early stage of infection prevents.

The formation of crystal and kidney stones.Symptoms of UTI are having pain in the genital area while passing urine, urine comes out with a foul odor.Urine comes with blood, urge to pass urine more frequently, any pain in the kidney, any pain in the abdominal area. These are few symptoms of UTI.

It is always recommended to consult a physician on noticing the symptoms to avoid complication of treatment at the later stage of infection.If infection is not treated properly at an early stage, sometimes formation of kidney stones may lead to removal of any one of the kidneys.

Over the counter antibiotic used for the treatment of UTI is nitrofurantoin. By having this antibiotic, bacteria is washed out of the urinary tract.By following the above said UTI treatment over the counter treatment methods, UTI can be avoided considerably.


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