UTI Treatment in Pregnancy

UTI is common in pregnant woman. It has been necessary for UTI treatment in pregnancy. Urinary tract is infection of urinary tract caused by the bacteria.

One of the bacteria causing the UTI is E – coli bacteria. The bacteria get itself into the urinary tract and get accumulated in the urinary tract.

If the infection of the bacteria is on the lower urinary tract, on the urthrra, ureters, then it leads to cystitis. On the other hand if the infection is on the upper urinary tract that is on the bladder or kidneys than it is called pyelonephritis.

If the infection is on the kidneys it leads to complication in the treatment. So it is always advisable to consult a physician at the early stage of infection itself.

Increased plasma volume and increase in estrogens of a pregnant woman decreases the immunity of the body, that is the fighting ability of the body against the invading the bacteria. So antibiotics used in treatment of UTI must increase the immunity of the body.

Urine analysis gives the physician, an idea about the type of bacteria which infects the urinary tract. The physician prescribes appropriate antibiotic according to the type of infection.

Few infections on the urinary tract are symptotic that they show symptoms of the infection. On the other hand asymptotic type of infection shows no signs of infection at all.

Pyelonephritis, caused by the infection of asymptotic bacteria is cured by having the antibiotic fosfomycin trometamol and ceftibuten. In any way amoxycyllin should not be prescribed for the treatment of UTI in pregnant woman.

Few clean hygienic habits must be followed during the pregnancy period to avoid the infection of the bacteria. Pregnant woman should not wear very tight garments during the pregnancy period.

Drinking a lot of water completely washes out all the bacteria on the urinary tract.By following the above UTI treatment in pregnancy few complicated treatment at a later stage can be avoided.


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