Uti Treatment In Children

UTI in children must be treated properly with proper antibiotics at the correct stage of infection. In growing children there is all possibility of spreading of infection very quickly

UTI treatment in children must be carried out by consulting a physician at a early stage of infection itself. If the children have recurrence of UTI, physician will prescribe an antibiotic, which the children have to take throughout their life.

Some of the few causes of UTI in children are, wearing very tight under garments, having swim bath in a public swimming pool, unhygienic toilet habits. These are the few causes of urination tract infection in children.

UTI in children can be avoided by teaching the children with hygienic toilet habits at a very young age. If the children happen to swim in a swimming pool, teach the children to have a complete bath at home after having a swim in a swimming pool because in the swimming pool may be one of the reasons for UTI.

Teach the children to wear only loose under garments as wearing very tight garments will subsequently retard the growth of the genitals.Few symptoms for UTI in children are, children feeling pain while passing urine, any foul odor in the urine, any blood in the children.

Cystitis an bacterial infection on the lower UTI can be treated with antibiotics such as cephalosporins and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. These are very effective in the treatment of UTI in children.

Dosage of antibiotics must be prescribed by consulting a physician at the early stage of infection.Pyelonephritis a bacterial infecton on the upper urinary tract in children can be treated with antibiotics such as cefotaxime and gentamicin.

Cefixime is also effective in the treatment of UTI in children.By having the UTI treatment in children at the early stage of infection will avoid spreading of the infection.


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