UTI symptoms in male

UTI symptoms-male consists of passing of urine with so much difficulty. These symptoms need to be well understood. Often, the concerned medical expert or the urologist in general may have to examine the patient thoroughly.

During such differential diagnosis of the symptoms in case of males, the expert needs to rule out sexually transmitted disease also.

The typical symptoms along with the examination of urine samples obtained from the concerned patient may be of great help in addition to the history of the patient to arrive at the diagnosis of UTI in case of males.

The symptoms need to be listed out and documented before starting any therapy in this regard.The color of the urine may be changed from normal to abnormal color.

Most of the time, UTI symptoms-male may consists of passing of pink colored urine. The urine may also be reddish certain times. This is called as hematuria. The end of the urine will be red tinged some times.

UTI symptoms-male further consist of existence of burning sensation during the urination. Some times, though attempts are sincerely made to urinate, there may be an inordinate delay in passing of urine.

If the UTI is severe, then the symptoms may even comprise existence of back pain. This is true especially when the infection affects the renal tissues. This happens in case of ascending type of infections from the bladder.

When the UTI symptoms-male comprises fever, then it is to be understood that immediate therapy needs to be undertaken without any delay in the concerned patient.

Certain times, the patient may be experiencing a nauseating feeling. During severe forms of UTI, the males may experience severe vomiting also. This is however to be differentiated from the gastritis and related problems.

Some times, the urine may be cloudy also. The pain will be specific to the backside especially at the hip region. The males may have dysuria in addition to the constipation, if there is an involvement of prostate gland also.

Severe pain may be there in the abdomen in such occasions.Hence, before treating the UTI in case of males, one has to tabulate the symptoms first and the degree of infection needs to be analyzed well by placing a tabular column.

Further, if the bladder is concerned, the therapy is to be monitored for a long time. In general, the UTI infections are said to recur frequently due to the specific etiological factors associated with these kinds of infections.


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