UTI Risk Factors

UTI posses a great risk to all types of men and women under all walks of life. UTI risk factors are high when compared to other type of infection. Urinary tract infection normally occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract.

Bacteria enter the urinary tract either from the urethra opening or the bacteria enter the urinary from the digestive tract from the feces in the large intestines.

UTI becomes very serious when the infection spreads to the kidneys and posses a great risk to life of the affected individual. When kidney is infected so badly, then there is no option other than removing the kidney.

So steps must be taken to avoid spread of the infection to the kidneys.Kidneys are the most important organ in the human anatomy, blood is purified only in the kidneys, also the waste particles are segregated only in the kidney.

When the kidney is infected, and blood purification is in trouble. So steps must be taken to get proper treatment during the early stage of infection itself.

In older men prostate gland gets expanded due to age and prevents free flow of urine. Also diabetic persons are more prone to urinary tract infection than non-diabetic persons.

One of the greatest risk sources is in the catheters; catheters are placed in persons whose ureters are infected badly. Catheters are tubes placed to drain the urine from the kidney.

Necessary steps must be taken by the clinic staff to keep the catheters very clean. Any structural abnormality also posses a great risk in children, only surgery can correct these abnormalities.

Hormonal changes in a pregnant woman are also one of the reasons for the urinary tract infection in pregnant woman.These are some of the urinary tract infection risk factors. To avoid these risks, it is better to consult a physician at an early stage of infection itself to avoid complications.


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