UTI Over The Counter Medication

UTI are caused by the infection of bacteria, bacteria gets itself into the urinary tract when the body loses immunity against those bacteria.

Over counter medication is nothing but increasing the immunity or fighting power of the body against the invading bacteria.

Some of the common infections on the urinary tract are cystitis, intestinal cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, kidney stones.

Cystitis is infection of bacteria on the ureters. intestinal cystitis is caused when the bladder becomes inflammatory. infection of bacteria on the urethra is called urethritis.

infection of bacteria on the kidney is called pyelonephritis and kidney stones are deposition of minerals on the urinary tract.As the female urethra is small when compared to male, female are the one who are infected the most when in comparison to male.

Those persons who have a history of diabetes have a greater risk of having the infection when compared to others.Over the counter medication used in the treatment of urinary tract infection should have minerals to neutralize the glucose content of the urine.

If the glucose content is increased, it makes a breeding ground for the bacteria to accumulate itself in the urinary tract.When a woman becomes pregnant, harmone changes takes place in the body. While pregnant, more harmones are produced.

These harmones are responsible for the infection of the bacteria in the urinary tract in a pregnant. in any case, pregnant woman should always a gynaecologist during the pregnant stage atleast once a month.

Any infection on the pregnant woman can be passed on to fetus she is carrying. So it always better to consult a physician at an early stage of infection.

UTI can be avoided by taking a lot of water each day, by taking a lot of water, water completely drains out all those bacteria out of the urinary tract.

If any of the above over the counter medication is adhered to at an early stage, then for sure all the UTI can be avoided at an early stage of infection


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