UTI Kidney Infection

Urinary tract consists of urethra, bladder ureters and kidneys. When infection on the urinary tract reaches the kidney, it results in UTI kidney infection.

Human kidney is number of micro organic nephrons which serve as filter agents in separating unwanted minerals from the blood.

Nearly 30 percentage of human blood passes through kidney for purification. When kidney is infected, then the blood purification mechanism is affected greatly thereby kidney lose controlling the pressure of the blood that is why most of the diabetic patients tend to be more aggressive in character.

Urine is produced in the kidneys. Urine is all unwanted minerals in the blood stream. Urine from the kidney is let into the bladder through Ureters.

Ureters are tiny tubes carrying urine from kidneys to the bladder. By the pumping mechanism of the bladder urine is let out through urethra. Urethra is the opening through urine comes out of the body.

When there is urge for urination the bladder muscles contract to let out urine out through the urethra. These contractions are produced by scillary muscles in the bladder.

Scilliary muscles are most sensitive muscles in human anatomy. The only other organ in the human body made up of scillary muscles is human eye.

Urinary tract is infected when bacteria in the bloodstream is passed on to the kidneys, while blood is pumped into the kidneys for purification. This type of infection is called Sepsis.This type of infection normally occurs in infants.

In adults the infection starts from the urethra and passes on to the kidneys.When urethra, bladder, ureters are infected then the infected is less complicated, on the other hand, if the kidney is infected then the infection becomes more complicated. Hence UTI Kidney infection must be cured at an early stage to avoid complications at a later stage.


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