UTI home treatment

Urinary tract infection affects a lot of people and is pretty common among pregnant women. UTI can affect people of all ages or gender. The urinary tract is the passage way for the body to flush out liquid wastes and salts.

UTI happens when bacteria enters the urinary tract and tend to stay there instead of being flushed out. They tend to multiply in large numbers and cause irritation and infection.

The common treatment for UTI is using antibiotics. These antibiotics are special in the way that they mix with the blood streams and get flushed out along with urine.

At that time, they come in contact with the bacteria in the urinary tract and kill them. Antibiotics are generally effective but they also come with side effects. They have to be used carefully in case of pregnant women and also with people who can have certain allergic reactions.

The other way to treat UTI is using home treatment. These are generally remedies that have been passed over generations using natural cure.

These have not been proven scientifically and if the infection is not cured or if it tends to increase, doctors should be contact immediately.

UTI home treatment often uses common and safe techniques that do not have side effects. These are normally easy to follow and non-expensive

The most common UTI home treatment is to keep oneself well hydrated. Drinking about 8 to 9 glasses of water or fluids each day help one in preventing dehydration which can cause UTI.

Further even if one is affected by UTI, the constant intake of fluids will tend to increase the fluid levels and a person will tend to urinate more and flush out the bacteria.

Soda, Caffeine or juices do not hydrate us and so should not be counted for the fluid intake amount.Dietary restrictions also help in preventing and curing UTI.

Reducing the intake of spicy and oily food helps as the ingredients in these kinds of food tend to irritate the urinary bladder.

People with diabetes tend to be affected by UTI more as sugar helps the bacteria to grow well.So avoiding Sugar related foods and chocolates will also help in reducing the changes of one getting affected by UTI.

Cranberries are known to have a good impact on the UTI infected persons. Eating cranberries dipped in honey or drinking cranberry juice regularly known to help as well.


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