UTI home test kit

UTI commonly referred as bladder infection is a urinary tract infection caused by bacteria. The bacteria that enters the urinary tract, gets stuck to the walls of the bladder and multiplies causing infection.

This problem is seen in both men and women of all ages. This is particularly common in pregnant women and children. UTI can be diagnosed by urine analysis or by urine culture.

UTI home test kit enables a person to have the diagnosis done at home. The general symptoms of urinary tract infection are burning sensation in the urinary tract or frequent urination.

Once any problem is suspected this test can be done at home and urinary tract infection can be self confirmed before the problem becomes severe. The treatment will be easy and recovery will be quick if the problem is detected early.

UTI home test kit diagnoses uti based on process of the conversion of nitrates to nitrites by some bacteria. The uti home test kit consists of two test strips and two cups for urine collection.

Urine must be collected in the cup provided for the purpose. The strip should be dipped in it and removed. The result can be confirmed in just sixty seconds by comparing the color in the strip with the color chart provided.

If the result is positive it indicates the presence of uti and it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor. The presence of high level of vitamin C or some antibiotics might cause false positive results.

If there is any bacterial infection the result would be false negative as the bacteria might not reduce the nitrates. Though this test may not be perfect when compared to urine culture done in a laboratory this kit is much useful for persons with recurring urinary tract infection problem.

UTI home test kit is useful for diagnosing urinary tract infection either before one gets the symptoms or before the infection become more painful.

This uti home test kit can also be used to ensure that a person is responding to the medicine prescribed to him and also to make sure that he has completely recovered for the problem of urinary tract infection after his course of medication.

These non prescription uti home test kits are very useful as the test can be done in privacy conveniently at home. It is always advisable to use these kits under the advice of your doctor.

In case the kit shows any abnormal results it could be because of some other problem other than uti and your doctor will be your best guide in such situations.


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