UTI home remedy

A common problem seen in men, women and children is uti i.e., urinary tract infection. The urinary tract comprises of the bladder, kidneys urethra and ureters.

The urinary tract that is free from bacteria is a healthy urinary tract. The bacteria causing uti are normally found in the rectum and anus part of the body.

UTI is caused when these bacteria come near the urethra and enter the urinary tract and get multiplied there.UTI is more commonly found in females than males as the urethra in females is shorter and it opens close to the anus part thus making it easy for the bacteria to enter and cause infection.

UTI is generally diagnosed by doing urine analysis. In case of any complication like pregnancy or uti immediately after hospitalization urine culture is recommended.

Urine culture is done with sensitivity test and is also used to find out the appropriate antibiotic for the problem.Although antibiotic medication is best suggested for uti there can have side effects.

Frequent use of antibiotics reduces the immune power of the person. In some cases it also makes the bacteria more resistant thus making the medicines less effective over a period of time.

Therefore the best solution for uti is home remedy. There are many such remedies which have been practiced and benefited by people for generations.

UTI home remedy also involves uti home test kit where the diagnosis can also be done at home in case of symptoms like burning sensation in the urinary tract or frequent urination. The best home remedy suggested is to maintain a good personal hygiene.

One the much suggested uti home remedy is drinking plenty of water and fluids and keep oneself well hydrated. The idea behind this is that the excess fluids while getting eliminated will flush out the bacteria also.

Though not scientifically proven this can be followed as a solution to prevent urinary tract infection. Another uti home remedy suggested is to drink cranberry juices or to eat raw cranberries with honey or yogurt.

For people who do not like cranberries there are alternate methods to try. Once diagnosed for uti they can try having a pint of either hot or cold water mixed thoroughly with sodium bi-carbonate commonly known as baking soda.

They should follow this with a large glass of water every 20 minutes for better results.Although antibiotics serve as better solutions for uti , home remedies are the simple and can be tried first as they do not have any side effects. In case the infection does not subside or seems to aggravate, one should contact the doctor immediately.


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