UTI home remedies

A very common problem found in men, women especially pregnant women, children and elderly people is the bacterial infection affecting the urinary tract i.e., uti.

Once diagnosed for uti through urine analysis or urine culture the doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics which will kill the bacteria and help in curing the infection quickly.

Although antibiotics is a solution for quick treatment, the side effects of the medicines cannot be ruled out. Frequent use of antibiotics affects the functioning of the immune system.

Further the bacteria causing the infection can develop resistance against the medicine if the medicine is taken too often. As a result the medicine becomes less effective over a period of time

Therefore the best solution for uti is to practice home remedies. These are very simple, cost-effective and easy to practice remedies that do not have side effects.

The most commonly suggested and followed home remedy is to drink a lot of fluids. The idea behind this remedy is that the extra fluids will have to be flushed out of the body through the bladder and in that process they will also flush out the harmful bacteria.

Cranberries are also a good cure for Urinary tract infection. A person who has UTI can eat a lot of cranberries along with honey or yogurt or drink cranberry juice regularly.

This is very easy to practice and is also good for health. Avoiding citrus fruits and vegetables that contain fats also help in preventing and curing UTI. Excess consumption of Sugar and sugar containing foods might also cause UTI, so avoiding eatables like chocolates also helps.

People who do not like the taste of cranberries can try alternate methods too. At the first sign of UTI one should have a pint of hot water or cold water thoroughly mixed with baking soda (also known as sodium bi-carbonate).

This process should be followed by a large glass of water every twenty minutes for a couple of hours. The bicarbonate can also be mixed with jam if required. For those who feel uneasy consuming sodium bicarbonate can try potassium citrate instead.

Following UTI home remedies help prevent the occurrence of UTI and also provide relief to those suffering from UTI. Although these have not been scientifically proven,

Many have followed these and have reaped the benefits of these simple and effective remedies. Even for those who do not believe in these effects, it is better to try these initially, as they don’t have any side effects.


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