UTI home cures

The infection caused by bacteria in the urinary tract is UTI or the urinary tract infection. Harmful bacteria enters through the opening of the urethra and gets multiplied in the tract causing urinary tract infection.

This problem is very common in children, elderly people, men and women especially pregnant women. Although UTI can be treated with antibiotics the best and easiest solUTIon for both UTI prevention and cure is to adopt home cures.

UTI is generally diagnosed based on the person’s urine analysis and in complicated cases on urine culture. Urine culture involves sensitivity testing which suggests the best antibiotic for the problem.

Doctors generally prescribe a course of antibiotics which will kill the bacteria and cure the infection quickly. But antibiotics do have side effects. If consumed frequently the bacteria causing the infection develops resistance and makes the medicine less effective.

Therefore the best solUTIon for UTI is home cures which have proved good over a long period of time. Though not scientifically proved these are being followed by many for generations.

A remedy that has been followed over a long period of time is to eat raw cranberries either with honey or yogurt or to drink cranberry juice. Though not scientifically proven this has helped many women get rid of urinary tract infection.

If you don’t like the taste of cranberry juice you can try some alternate methods too. One of the often used alternative contains of sodium bicarbonate (often called baking soda) and water.

First drink a pint of water consisting of sodium bicarbonate mixed thoroughly. Then start drinking a large glass full of water once in every 20 minutes for a couple of hours. This would give a good relief from UTI.

Another one of the UTI home cures is to avoid spicy food and citrus fruits. Reducing the intake of sugar and chocolate etc. also helps. Certain vegetables like onion and beans also can cause UTI, so avoiding them might also prove helpful.

The best remedy suggested is to drink lot of water and other fluids. The reason suggested is that the extra water while coming out through the kidneys will flush the bacteria from the bladder.

Though as per science, once the bacteria enters the urinary tract it gets stuck to the walls of the bladder and cannot be flushed out, this is wonderful home remedy to prevent urinary tract infection as the extra water will get eliminated and will not allow the bacteria to remain in the tract.

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