UTI antibiotic dosage

UTI commonly known as urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection affecting the urinary tract. This problem occurs mainly due to bacteria entering the urethra opening and getting multiplied in the urinary tract causing infection.

There are two kidneys in the urinary tract, one called ureters carries urine to the bladder from the kidneys and the other called urethra carries urine to the urethral opening from the bladder.

The ureters is connected at the bladder in such a way that it prevents urine from going back into the kidneys and the flow of urine through the urethra helps in eliminating the bacteria that causes infection.

The infection in the urinary tract is mainly due to bacteria multiplying in the tractUTI is very common in men, women and children and the most common treatment for it is taking a course of antibiotic dosage.

UTI is normally diagnosed either using urine culture method or urine analysis method. Generally urine analysis is suggested and in case of any complication urine culture is recommended. Once diagnosed for urinary tract infection the treatment best preferred by the doctors is recommending antibiotics.

A course of UTI antibiotic dosage kills the bacteria that causes uti and quickly cures the disease. Antibiotics if taken often do have side effects.

If antibiotics are taken often either for uti or for any other infection the bacteria that causes the infection develops a resistance to the antibiotics and makes them less effective.

Another problem with frequent usage of antibiotics is that it affects the functioning of the immune system.Generally doctors prescribe antibiotic medication for urinary tract infection.

The doctors suggest you keep the medicine at home so that you can have the same when you develop similar symptoms. As soon as the antibiotic gets into the system it starts working before the bacteria starts multiplying.

If besides the usual symptoms of infection one feel feverish or catches cold or develops backache then he or she should contact the doctor immediately.

There are some on-line pharmacies where the drugs are sold on the prescription given by a physician who reviews the questionnaire answered by the persons affected.

This is not much advisable as certain questions regarding the illness may be missing and some drugs may also have anti-effects.

Although UTI i.e., urinary tract infection, is a very common problem and antibiotic dosage is a good solution to it, acute care should be taken to ensure that the drugs consumed do not have any ill effects.


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