UTI and pregnancy

UTI commonly known as urinary tract infection affects the urinary tract. UTI is an inflammation caused by bacteria and it is more common during pregnancy.

Pregnant women have to be very careful about this urinary tract infection between the sixth and the twenty fourth week as they are more susceptible to the infection during that period.

If detected early the patient can be very safely treated with antibiotics causing no harm to the child.Urinary tract infection is more common in pregnant women mainly because of the block in the urinary tract due to increased weight of the growing uterus.

The common symptoms are burning sensation or pain during urination, urinating very often, mucus or blood in urine, pain in the lower abdomen etc. Generally when the infection spreads to the kidneys the person will experience back pain, nausea, fever or vomiting.

To know if a person is suffering from uti the person has to have urine analysis and urine culture. In the general circumstances only urine analysis is recommended.

If the situation seems complicated like uti during pregnancy, uti immediately after hospitalization or urinary tract infection immediately after urethral instrumentation the person is advised urine culture.

Urine culture is recommended in such cases that have failed to respond in initial treatment or such infection caused by a rare or resistant organism.

Urine culture is recommended for pregnant women and also for children, male and elderly persons .Advanced urine culture test with sensitivity testing also recommends the antibiotic most appropriate to the patient.

UTI can be very easily detected and safe pregnancy can be assured if the pregnant women observe the change in themselves like fever, pain in the lower stomach, nausea etc., and seek the guidance of the doctor immediately. Usually antibiotics that are very safe both for the pregnant woman and the child will be prescribed by the doctors.

UTI can be prevented to some extent and safe pregnancy can be made possible if some home remedies are followed. It is always advisable to drink six to eight glasses of water every day.

It is best to avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar and refined foods. It is better to choose cotton garments always and to avoid using soap, sprays or antiseptic creams.

Although uti i.e., urinary tract infection is common during pregnancy, if acute care is taken and if detected early uti can be cured easily as there are medicines and such antibiotics that are safe for both the mother and the baby.


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