Urinary tract infection without antibiotics

Research in urinary track infection among males and females has found that the women are prone to urinary tract infection than males because of the close proximity of bowels to the urethra.

One of the main reasons for urinary tract infection is due to eating beef, cattles are normally infected with the E.coli bacteria. When human beings eat the meat of the bacteria infected cattle, the bacteria passes on to the human beings.

As immunity of the humanbeings is less than that of the cattles to the bacteria, so when the bacteria passes on to the humanbeigns, it infects the urinary tract. Some of the antibiotics.

which are prescribed for the urinary tract infection prove to be fuile, so a person with urinary tract infection has to go for some treatment with antibiotics.Researchers have found that the antibiotic resistance is transferred between the farm animals and human beings.

Urinary tract infection is also called bladder infection, when bacteria gets into the urine, this will lead to infection, it also normally affects sexually active females, infection can also be found in some boys and girls who used to wear tight jeans.

Some of the symptoms for urinary tract infection are vommitting, nausea, abdominal pain, burning sensatation while urinating, back pain above the waist is also an indication of kidney infection.

If anyone have these symptoms, it is highly recommended to consult a physician and there are natural remedies to cure urinary tract infection without antibiotics.

Urine test has to be done by a certified physician to find any stains of E-coli in the urine sample, urine culture is developed from this urine sample to find the exact type of bacteria which is causing this type of urinary tract infection.

It is highly recommended, to prevent urinary tract inefection without antibiotics. Natural remedies seems to be best choice of curing urinary tract infections. Some of the natural remedies are fruit juices which have a concentration of vitamin-C, which increases the urine concentration


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