Urinary Tract Infections While Pregnant

All pregnant should consult a physician for any urinary tract infection during pregnancy. Escherichia coli is the bacteria which causes the infection, while prescribing antibiotics for pregnant woman, various factors has to be taken into account such perinatal, neonatal morbidity.

Due to the phsycological increase in the plasma volume during pregnancy, there is a decrease in urine concentration, Glycosuria is the common infection which occurs due the bacterial growth in the urinary tract.

There is a decrease in the ability of the lower urinary tract resisting the invading bacteria due to progestins and estrogens. These are few factors for urinary tract infections during pregnancy.

There are a few Gram-positive organisms which causes the urinary tract infection during pregnancy, these are proteus mirabilis, Gardnerella vaginalis, klebsiella pneumoniae, and enterococci.

Symptomatic cystitis is caused by the asymptomatic bacteriuria which in turn to cause pyelonephritis. When a pregnant woman is infected with urinary tract infection during pregnancy then the infant born to that pregnant woman will be of under weight and with growth retardation.

Urine culture is highly recommended during the 12th week and 16th week of pregnancy. Asymptomatic bacteriuria can be prevented by proper screening of the pregnant woman.

Nitrofurantoin is best antibiotic for some woman who are infected with urine tract infection during pregnancy, some of the other antibiotics are fluroquinlones and tetracyclines should not prescribed for the pregnant woman as these antibiotics are highly toxic on the fetus.

A few gram of ampicillin proves to be effective antibiotic for urinary tract infection during pregnancy, and its effective rate is very highIn pregnant woman, shorter period of treatment will lead to recurrence of infection.

A pregnant woman can have a preterm delivery, due to pyelonephritis at the time of pregnancy, and this infection shows no symptom, as it is very hard to diagonize during pregnancy;.


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