Urinary Tract Infection Vs Yeast Infection

Cystitis and pyelonephritis are the common diseases caused by urinary tract infection.Asymptomatic bacteriuria is bacteria species in a infected person who is lacking symptoms of urinary track infection.

The most common pathogens that causes this type of infection are Escherichia coli. Complicated one that causes the urinary tract infection can be of unusual pathogens called yeast.

Through pathophysiology, it is found that urinary tract infection spreads through colonization spread of the bacteria, through hematogenous way of spreading of the virus and through periurogenital way of spreading of the bacteria.

Through fectal flora, we get uropathogenic bacteria which multiples in the infected area on the urinal tract. An adult or an infant is infected with urinary tract infection in 3 ways.

Infected person gets urethritis when urethra is infected with bacterial growth, infected person gets cystitis, when bladder is infected with bacterial growth and a person gets infected with pyelonephritis when kidneys are infected with the bacterial growth.

IT is recommended to consult a physician if a person feels discomfort while urinating If not, it will lead to yeast infections which in turn result to kidney failure.

To avoid urinary tract infection vs yeast infection one must drink atleast a glass of fruit juice everyday, must consume a lot of water, must clean the genitals before and after intercourse.

Must try to use some of the water based lubricant while having sexual intercourse to avoid tissue irritation. It is better to avoid hot beverages, alcohol, and spicy food.

Women experience vaginal yeast infection at least once in their life-cycle. Some of the symptoms for vaginal yeast infection are burning sensation in the vagina area and feeling pain while urinating.

One of the symptoms for women infected with yeast infection is their vaginal discharge will be of curd-like.A common type of fungus which causes is candida albicans which normally attacks the vaginal area, and if it is infected it is called monilial vaginitis.


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