Urinary Tract Infection Vs Yeast Infection

Urinary tract infections are caused by the infection of the yeast on the urinary tract. Urinary tract vs yeast infection gives an idea about the causes and treatment for the infection.

Yeast infections are fungal like formation. Yeast infection leads to candida albicans. Yeast are normally found on the finger nails, mouth, skin around the genitals. Balanitis and Moniliasis are the type of yeast infection.

Some of the symptoms of yeast infection in women are, having a burning sensation around the genitals, while walking feeling itchy sensation around the thighs, some swelling around the area where both legs are joined, vaginal discharge is curd like, these are the symptoms of yeast infection in women.

Some of symptoms of yeast infection in men are having reddish skin around the genital area, feeling burning sensation on the genital, having itchy feeling around the genitals while walking, these are the few symptoms of yeast infection in men.

Yeast infection are of different types, in Intertrigo type of yeast infection, the symptoms of infection are cracking skin, skin on the finger peeling, having rashes on the skin.

Yeast infection of the type of Moniliasis are white discharge is excessive, swelling around the genital, having irritation around the genital. Wearing very tight under garments, using perfumes and hygienic sprays, if the genital area is not wiped out thoroughly after bath, wearing wet cloth in rainy season for a long time.

These are the few causes of yeast infection among men as well as in women. Sweating, unprotected sex is also some of the reasons for yeast infection.

Anti fungal ointments are widely used in the treatment of fungal or yeast infections, to name a few are butoconazole, terazol, vagistat and diflucan are very effective in the treatment of yeast infection. Having yochurt is also effective in the treatment of yeast infection


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