Urinary Tract Infection Vommiting

Some of the symptoms for urinary tract infection are burning sensation while urinating, feeling discomfort during urination and involuntary urination.

Apart from this vommitting, nausea , feeling chills, fever are some of the symptom of urinary tract infection. If some of the bacteria staying in the rectum or in the skin finds its way into urethral opening due to close proximity, it will lead to urinary tract infection.

Here are some of the best recommended ways to avoid urinary tract infection. Everyone should try to urinate before and after sexual intercourse,That includes masturbation also, must try to avoid sexual activity if it felt any sexual irritation,

One must try to ensure that having sufficient lubrication before sexual intercourse, under garments has to be of cotton only, to ensure free circulation of air, must clean the genital before and after intercourse with lots of plain water, ensures clean habits and the keeps the genitals away from the evading bacteria.

Whole grains, meats and nuts which have plenty of vitamin- C adds acidity to the urine and keeps the urinary tract free of bacteria.
In infants and children, fever is the only symptom for any infection.

Infants and children may not be in a position to express their feelings. If the bacteria infect the urethra and the bladder, this will lead to Cystitis and if the bacteria travel to the ureters and in to the kidneys, this will lead to serious infection called pyelonphritis.

Abnormal backward flow of urine to the ureters, kidneys from the bladder and urethra can also lead urinary tract infection, and this happens only at the time of birth.

Use of clean toilet soaps, Use of clean under garments, use of clean toilet habits can keep the infants and children free from urinary tract infection.

If urinary tract infections is not properly at an early stage, it will lead to kidney damage so if anyone feels the symptom of vomiting, nausea, urine irritation. It’s best to consult a physician.


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