Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Guidelines

Some of the children who have urinary tract infection may not be able to express the feelings. So elder parents must be able to identify whether the child have any problem while urinating and must consider consulting a consultant.

Child specialist for the treatment of the child for any urinary tract infection difficulties. Some of the antibiotics include blood culture, electrolytes and LP. Frequent consultation with the consultants will be good for the well being of the child.

Renal ultrasound micturating cysto-urthrogram is one of the treatments recommended for the urinary tract infection in children who are only few months old.

A proper urine test will identify whether the child is having any urinary tract infection. If the infant is suspected for UTI the urine specimen must be sent for culture to identify whether the infant is really having any urinary tract infection.

A Proper treatment for Urinary tract infection prevents any further damage to the renal and also prevents any further injury to the kidney.

The treatment for urinary tract infection includes the reduction of the renal damage; earlier treatment must be carried out to avoid any further damage to the kidneys.

Some of the treatments are hydernephrosis which detects the abnormalities in the bladderCystography uses the technique of decreased radiation.

Cystourethrogram provides anatomical detail of the infant.
The parent or guardian of the child gets the cystogram, if the child is found to be freed from the urinary tract infections.

In prenatal ultrasound treatment, most of the abnormalities of urinary tract infection can be detected at an early stage. This prenatal ultrasound technique replaces all other older methods used in the treatment of urinary tract infection.

Natural ultrasound treatment has be carried in children who have many complications like pyelonephrosis, recurrent urinary tract infection and when it is found that child didn’t have a prenatal ultrasound treatment at a early stage of diagnosis.


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