Urinary Tract infection Symptoms in Men

Urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria, when bacteria get entry into the urinary tract, it causes infection. When the urinary tract is infected, it shows certain symptoms.

When urinary tract is infected, body’s main filtering mechanism is affected. So it must be cured at an early stage to stop further infection.

Urinary tract infections are of lower urinary tract infection and upper urinary tract infection.When lower urinary tract, namely urethra is infected it leads to cystitis, called the lower urinary tract infection.

Here are few urinary tract infection symptoms in men for lower urinary tract infection.

• When bladder is not able to drain all the urine completely, resulting in pain in urinating

• The frequency of urination increases

• Feeling burning sensation while urinating.

• Any pain the abdominal below the ribs and above the waist level.

• A Strong odor in urine.

• Fever, chills, and vomiting.

If any person shows any signs of this symptom, then it is confirmed as lower urinary tract infection.When upper urinary tract either ureters or kidney is infected then it leads to pyelonephritis, called the upper urinary tract infection.

Here are few urinary tract infection symptoms in men for upper urinary tract infection

• Urinating often during night.

• Urine with a strong foul odor.

• Vomiting, chills, fever and nausea

• Severe abdominal pain.

• Losing mental stability.

If any person shows any of the above signs, then it is confirmed as upper urinary tract infection.

in infants and children, some of the symptoms for urinary tract infection are persistent high fever, urine with a foul odor, vomiting, soiling of the bed during nights.

To avoid urinary tract infection one must follow clean habits of cleaning the genitals everytime after intercourse, using only condoms with spermicide, avoid tight under garments, avoiding coffee, alcohol, and coffee.

Emptying the bladder fully while urinating and Drinking a lot of water will eventually prevents the formation of bacteria around the genital area.


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