Urinary Tract Infection Self Treatment

Urinary tract infection self treatment methods can reduce the urinary tract infection to a considerably low level. Self treatment methods are self reliable than any other methods.

Self treatment methods depend only on the basis of basic self-consciousness of each and every individual.Self treatments drastically reduce the time and precious money.

Self treatment reduces the dependence on medicine. Some antibiotics used in the treatment of urinary tract infection produces side effects. Using antibiotics, there is also no guarantee of recurrence of infection.

So, self treatment stands the best among the all type of treatments whether it is aromatherapy, herbal therapy or any other medicines.Some of the basic self treatment methods are having clean toilet habits which must be taught to every individual right from the childhood.

Closing the mouth with a small piece of cloth even during coughing, coughing spreads some air-borne viruses, one must be careful even during giving formal reception to others by means of hand shaking,

Through hand shaking viruses can pause from infected individual to another, after handshake, if the individual rub the nose, there is all possibility of the virus passing on to the respiratory tract.

All these clean habits must be taught to every individual right from the adolescent ages.Adult must be very clean in their sexual behavior by avoiding sex with multiple partners, having sex with multiple partners makes the difficulty in tracking the infection, how and from whom the infection spreads.

If happen to sex with unknown individual, try to use condoms with spermicide to prevent the spreading of the infection, before and after intercourse always have the habit of cleaning the genitals, don’t stop the urge the urinate, if you feel the urge to urinate, urine completely until the bladder empties out

Urinary tract infection can be cured only by a physician; self treatment can only reduce the level of infection.One of the favorite self treatment medicines for urinary infection is Cranberry juice.

Which is a herbal medicine.Taking this herbal medicine washes out all the bacteria in the urinary tract and keeps the urinary tract free of all bacteria.


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