Urinary Tract Infection Relief

Urinary tract infection are infection of bacteria on the urinary tract, E – coli is the deadly bacteria which gets into the urinary tract from the area around the anus and gets into urinary tract.

When this bacteria gets into the urethra or genital opening through which urine is let out, then the infection is un-complicated and can be cured by taking by antibiotics.

When the bacteria gets deep into the kidney through ureters, then the situation gets more complicated, so it is better to consult a physician at an early stages of infection.

Antibiotics can be taken at early stage of infection and avoid further spreading of the virus and you get some urinary tract infection relief. Urinary tract infection is more in women when compared to men.

One of the best antibiotics for the urinary tract infection relief is Ciprofloxacin extended-release.Side effects by taking this antibiotic are only minimal.

Cipro effectively removes the bacteria out of the urinary tract. Possible side effect by taking is nausea, vommitting and diarrhoea. Cipro completely removes all those infecting bacteria out of the urinary tract.

Herbal medicines preferred over antibiotics, as treatment of urinary tract infection with herbal medicine doesn’t have any side effects. Serious complicated infection of kidney stones can be dissolved by simply taking these herbal medicines.

As these herbal medicines make the kidney to produce more urine and thereby creating a natural cleaning mechanism in the kidney itself. Barberry is one of the few herbal medicines in the urinary tract infection

Osmosis takes place automatically by taking these herbal medicines, by osmosis there is increase in the blood flow to the urine. Few herbs which are the best type of treatment are barberry leaves and dandelion.

Ginger is best anti inflammatory to soothe the inflammation caused by the bacteria on the urinary tract. Few other herbs are Chamomile and Marshmallow.

Urinary tract infection Relief can be had by having the above said herbal medicines and antibiotics in the preliminary stage of infection itself.


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