Urinary tract infection prevention

Urinary tract infection-prevention is being emphasized now a day to a greater extent because of the need of long-term therapy and the possibilities of recurrent infections in the affected persons.

Hence, preventive steps are always the preferred ones in almost most of the countries.Many medical institutions now a day have produced bulletins with regard to the urinary tract infection-prevention.

Drinking of plenty of water itself is a natural way of preventing this problem. Many elderly persons in various countries have revealed this fact. There is more truth in this because drinking plenty of water daily will help in an effective flushing out of urine from the bladder.

Tender coconut water is of highly and significantly useful one in urinary tract infection-prevention. Use tampons and avoid using of sanitary pads because these sanitary pads often act as a better culture medium for many bacteria that get lodged during excretion of digesta.

These bacterial organisms then adhere to the urinary outlet and end up as the infection of the urinary tract.Drink plenty of fluids and fluid need not be only water. For example, fruit juices may of highly useful ones to have good diuretic effects.

Similarly, the concerned persons who are vulnerable for the development of urinary tract infections may take the fruits llike papaya frequently. This helps to enhance the immunity level of the person.

Urinary tract infection-prevention needs to associate very simple steps one can follow in an easy manner, during the routine day-to-day activities. It has been quoted that whenever possible, urinate frequently thus avoiding the urine retention in the urinary bladder for a long time.

Similarly, before and after the intercourse, the females need to urinate. This will help them to a greater extent in precisely eliminating the unwanted bacterial load that might have been introduced during the intercourse activity.

This activity has been carried out in many countries for urinary tract infection-prevention.Try to keep the vaginal cavity clean particularly after the defecation.

Since the bacterial contents sticking to the anus might accidentally get into the vaginal tract and may finally lead to the UTI.

Cleaning of vagina may be made whenever bowel movements are encountered causing defecation.Undergarments may be made up of cotton since it allows free passage of air material unlike the nylon-based undergarments.

Even if you wear undergarments made up of nylon, cotton made crotch may be made use of in such garments and hence, ventilation to the vital part is made freely and moisture content may be reduced as a net effect.


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