Urinary Tract Infection Pregnant

Urinary tract infection commonly affects the woman while pregnant. Urinary tract infection is caused by the bacteria E-coli, if a woman is infected with the bacteria while pregnant, the infection posses a high degree of infection to the fetus also.

The infection may be of symptotic or asymptotic type. In symptotic infection, the infection shows certain symptoms of the infection, while asymptotic infection doesn’t show any symptoms of the infection at all.

While pregnant several phsycological takes place, expansion of blood volume, relaxation of ureters, increased in harmone secretion,When the infection is in the lower urinary tract, then the infection is called cystitis.

If the infection is in the upper urinary tract, then the infection is called pyelonephritis. Pyelonephritis causes the dysfunction of the renal and injury to the pulmonary.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection are urine comes out with a burning sensation, urine coming out frequently, have the urge to urine often, vomiting, fever, chills, and acute pain in the abdominal region.

If there is symptom of urinary tract infection, it is better to consult a physician at an early stage to avoid complication of the infection at a later stage

Amoxicillin can be given as an antibiotic for the treatment of urinary tract infection; few other antibiotics are Cephalexin and Trimthoprim. These antibiotics can be administered into woman while pregnant for the treatment of urinary tract infection.

Ceftriaxone and cefuroxime is also effective antibiotic in the treatment of urinary tract infection. Drinking a lot of water will prevent dehydration and cleanse off the urinary tract free of all those bacteria.Adhering to certain clean habit will keep the urinary tract free of any infection.

While pregnant, woman should be very clean, should not very tight garments, must avoid coffee, must use toilet wraps while using toilets, and shouldn’t stop the urge to urinate, empty the bladder completely while urinating to get rid of any bacteria in the urinary tract.


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