Urinary Tract Infection Nausea

One of the most common symptoms for urinary tract infection is nausea. This occurs normally in women when compared to men that to pregnant woman are affected mostly.

In women urethra through which urine is let outside, is located much closer to the rectum, and makes a easy way for the bacteria in the rectum to enter into urinary tract through urethra.

If anyone feels nausea or discomfort, it is advisable to consult a physician at an early stage to avoid the infection getting complicated.Some of the symptoms for urinary tract infection are fever, vomiting, nausea, urine coming out with blood; urine comes out with foul odor.

These symptoms are indication of infection on the urinary tract. Unhygienic sex is also one of the reasons for urinary tract infection. Most of the sexual workers are infected with the bacteria.

When any casual men have sex with this infected person, the bacteria is passed on to them. So sexual workers must learn more about these type of infection and prevent those infections at an early stage itself.

One of the worst stages of urinary tract infection is infection on the kidney. If the kidney is infected, there is no cure, but to remove the kidney, so efforts may be taken to taken to prevent the infection from spreading into the kidneys.

Kidneystone is one kind of bacterial infection, some of the spreading get deposited in the urinary tract, in course of time these bacteria accumulate itself in the urinary tract to develop into a crystal, these crystal later develop into kidney stones.

Kidney stones cannot be cured through antibiotic or through herbal medicine. Kidney stone can be removed only through surgery.Drinking a lot of water washes out all the bacteria in the urinary tract, so lot of water must be taken everyday.

Garlic keeps the urinary tract free of infection. To avoid urinary tract infection avoid taking coffee, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol. By following the above steps nausea caused by urinary tract infection can be avoided.


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