Urinary Tract Infection Natural Treatment

Natural treatment for urinary tract infection is preferred over antibiotics. By urinary tract infection natural treatment there is no side effects or recurrence of infection.

Hence Natural treatment is preferred over other methods in the treatment of urinary tract infection. Vitamin C enriched fruits and herbals controls and completely eliminates the bacteria out of urinary tract.

Urinary tract gets infected due to the deposition of E-coli in the urinary tract; these bacteria accumulate inside the urinary tract and create complications.

If a bacterium infects only the urethra, the infection is mild, and is called cystitis. In some cases bacteria gets into the ureters and into the kidney then the infection is complicated.

If the kidney and the ureters are infected then it is called pyelonephritis. If microscopic organism gets deposited into the urinary tract, day by day they accumulate and form crystals. These crystals later develop into kidney stones.

If crystals are small in size, this crystal can easily into the urine. If the crystal develops into kidney stone, then the kidney stone can be removed only through surgery.

Though antibiotics can be used in the treatment of urinary tract infection, these antibiotics create side effects like stomach ache, head ache. Also use of antibiotic doesn’t guarantee, recurrence of infects. Hence urinary tract infection natural treatment is preferred over antibiotics.

Cranberry juice is effective herbal medicine in the treatment of urinary tract infection.Bearberry, herbal medicine prevents the deposition of bacteria in the urinary tract.

Garlic in the food removes the E-coli bacteria completely from the urinary tract.Urinary tract infection can be avoided by adhering to clean toilet habits of cleaning the genital area everyday, keeping the waist area free of any bacteria or air borne viruses.

Before and after intercourse, you must clean the genital completely. Avoid using tight under-garments. Avoid alcohol, coffee, smoking. Use only condoms with spermicide, Females must use at least 2 napkins a day during menopause.


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