Urinary Tract Infection Natural Remedy

Urinary tract infection can be cured through natural remedies in an effective way without any side effects. Aromatherapy, Herbal therapy are few natural remedy methods in curing the urinary tract infection in male as well as in female.

Through Aromatherapy, apply eucalyptus oil in the infected area for a few minutes before going to bed. Natural ingredients in the eucalyptus oil prove to be best natural remedy for urinary tract infection.

Inhale the eucalyptus oil for a few seconds for better effects. Apply eucalyptus oil in both palms of the arms and legs. Avoid inhaling too much eucalyptus oil for a long time.

Through Herbal therapy, apple cidar vinegar proves to be a best herbal medicine in the treatment of urinary infection. Garlic in food prevents the bacterial infection in the urinary tract, so try to have food rich in garlic.

Having a lot of water in a day prevents the accumulation of bacteria around the urinary tract.Cranberry juice is an effective natural remedy for urinary tract infection, the ingredient in the cranberry juice prevents the bacteria from attaching itself to the tiny tissues of the urinary tract.

Butterbur extract is one of the natural remedy for urinary tract, having butterbur extract reduces the urge for frequent urination, in turn prevents the bacteria getting deposited into the urinary tract. All fruits rich in vitamin-C are very good natural remedies for urinary infection.

Apart from these natural remedies, very clean and hygienic habits will keep those bacteria at bay. Try to avoid very tight pants and undergarments as it may cause irritation in the genital area.

Always wear cotton under garments for comfort. Avoid having sex with multiple partners. Those condoms without spermicide must be avoided, before and after intercourse, always clean the genitals.

Alcohol, smoking and coffee must be avoided. Females must avoid certain perfumes and scent, as some of the perfumes can cause bacterial infection.


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