Urinary Tract Infection & Kidney Stones

When minerals in the food get deposited into the urinary tract, it leads to kidney stones. Kidney stones are hardened mineral deposits.

Symptoms of kidney stone are feeling pain while urinating, if blood comes with urine. As the kidney stone blocks the free flow of urine, it gives great pain while urinating.

Urine is made of small microscopic dissolved minerals, when these particles get deposited into the urinary tract, they get concentrated day by day to form a crystal. These crystal develop into stones and get into the ureter blocking the flow of urine.

One of the reasons for the formation of kidney stone is the lack of body fluid for the minerals to get dissolved. So to keep the body free from kidney stone, it is essential to drink a lot of water and keep the body free from dehydration.

To prevent stone formation, high protein food with a lot of sugar and meat must be avoided. These high protein foods produces only increases the acid content in the body and decreases the urinary citrate content in the body.

Urinary citrate is an important fluid segregated in the human body which easily dissolves the mineral in turn reduces the risk factor of having a kidney stone.

Food with high salt content is also the reason for getting kidney stone, as the high salt food gets into the urinary tract; it also removes the calcium in the body into the urine resulting in more calcium in the urine.

This more calcium in the urine easily forms into a crystal and gets deposited into the urinary tract resulting in kidney stone.Large kidney stones can be removed only through surgery. Small kidney stones can be dissolved by taking herbal medicine which gets the stone get dissolve into the urine.

To name a few of the herbal medicine are didymocarpus pedicellata which is rich in didymocarpene. Taking this herbal medicine easily dissolves the stone. Saxifraga ligulate is another herbal medicine which is rich in bergenin, an important constituent in dissolving Stones.


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