Urinary Tract Infection Kidney Pain

In our human body, kidneys play an important role in segregating the liquid waste from the solid waste in the form of urine. Anatomically, kidneys are located just above the ribs and below the waist level.

Any pain in the abdominal area, back pain, either one of this pain or persistent pain is a symptom of some infection in the kidney.

If anyone feels kidney pain, it is better to consult a physician, as kidneys are the vital organs in our human body. Any infection in the kidney can lead to severe stomach pain, abdominal pain, and back pain.

One of the reasons for kidney pain is bacterial infection in the kidney; there is a possibility of bacteria in the digestive tract getting entry into the urinary tract and into the kidneys causing infection.

Washing out all the bacteria out of the digestive as well as the urinary tract is the one common method of keeping the digestive and urinary tracts free of bacteria.

Few symptoms of urinary tract infection are, a sensation to urinate frequently, feeling irritation while urinating, If any blood comes with the urine, any strong odor in the urine.

If anyone feels any of the above symptoms, it is better to consult a physician before the infection gets worse. These are some of the symptoms of infection in the kidney lower urinary tract. In medical term we refer this as cystitis.

Few symptoms of infection in the kidney are, some mental confusion among the elders, feeling fever, vomiting and nausea, chills, frequent urination with strong odor, blood with urine. These are symptoms of infection in kidney upper urinary tract. In medical term we refer this as pyelonephritis.

Urinary tract infection kidney pain affects more women when compared to men, as the women give birth, also as the vagina of the women lie close to the anus.

There is always a possibility of women getting infected with urinary tract infection.Clean toilet habits, cleaning the genitals before and after intercourse can keep the body free from any type of bacterial infection.


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