Urinary Tract Infection In Kids

UTI [urinary tract infection] affects right from toddler to adult irrespective of sex.The kids with bladder irritation will have pain in the abdomen and pelvic area. The child may urinate frequently.

If the kidney is infected, the kids will certainly have pain under the side of the rib cage [flank] or low back pain. Crying or having burning sensation at the time of urination and giving out only a few drops of urine at a time are other signs of urinary tract infection.

The kid may also have difficulty in controlling the urine, as the result the urine may leak into clothing or bedsheets. The urine may smell very different from usual. The urine may look cloudy or red.

The doctor may pass a small tube into the urethra. Urine will drain directly from the bladder into a clean container through this tube [catheter].Sometimes the urine is collected by placing a needle directly into the bladder through the skin of the lower abdomen.

Urine collected through the tube or needle will be definitely pure. The collected urine will be examined under a microscope. If there is an infection, bacteria and pus will be found in the urine.

If the bacteria from the sample are difficult to be noticed , the doctor may place the sample in a tube with a substance that makes the bacteria present in the urine to grow.

Once the growth happens, the bacteria can then be identified and tested to find out the suitable medications that will destroy the bacteria present.

The process of growing bacteria in the laboratory is known as performing a culture. This procedure often and often takes 24 hours or may be more to complete.Urinary tract infections are treated by antibiotics.

The route of administration and dosage will be decided by the physician based on the type of infection and the virulence of the organism. If the kid is unable to eat or drink anything then the doctor may decide to go for intravenous route of administration of the drug. Whatever is the medicine,it should be given for 3 to 5 days .

This is to avoid development of drug resistance. The dosage of the drug may be single dose or multiple dose. The important point to be noted in the treatment of urinary tract infection is that the drug should not be stopped abruptly once there is little improvement.

The medicine should be consumed as per the advice of the doctor and the full course of the medicine should be taken. Kids should drink fluids when they want.

We should make sure that the child drinks sufficient quantity of water and we should never force the child to drink large amounts of fluid. The health care provider must know if the kid is not interested in drinking.


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