Urinary Tract Infection Homeopathic

UTIs are caused by bacteria such as E. coli, Chlamydia trachomatis and mycoplasma hominis. Infections complicated by bladder outlet obstructions like kidney stone.

BPH and other risk factors like spinal cord injury may require surgery to correct the cause of UTI. Kidney infections at times require hospitalization and six to seven weeks of antibiotic treatment to prevent serious kidney damage.

Over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol®, Advil® and a heating pad may be used to relieve symptoms caused by UTI. Drinking plenty of water will help to push the bacteria out of the urinary tract.

It is better to avoid Coffee, alcohol, and smoking if we don’t want to suffer from UTI. Frequent UTI can be treated with low-dose antibiotics for 6 months.

We may have to repeat the medicine when symptoms appear. Urine analysis should be performed after treatment to make sure that the bacteria is completely destroyed.

Homeopathic remedies are very helpful during UTI especially for bladder infections by relieving discomfort and encouraging quick recovery.

Symptoms of UTI include a frequent urge to urinate with burning sensations, and aching in the bladder area. T sufferer may pass Offensive smelling, cloudy, or discolored urine.Long-lasting urinary tract infections accompanied by fever, pain in the kidney region need the help of trained physician.

Aconitum apellus- This remedy is very effective when a person feels anxious both before and during urination. The person may pass hot, scanty urine, and may feel burning feeling in the bladder.

This remedy works well if retention of urine occurs after a person with very cold and chilled, or a shaking experience.Cantharis-This remedy is considered when person feels Strong urge to urinate with severe pain that is felt before and after the urine passes.

The person will pass Only several drops at a time, with a scalding sensation. The person may feel as if the bladder has not been emptied,even after urination.

Apis mellifica-this remedy is advised when the person urinates frequently, but only small quantities are passed. Burning sensations are felt. The person may also experience soreness in the abdomen. Heat and touch can make the symptoms worse.

Cold applications, cool bathing, and open air relieves the sufferer. A lack of thirst is a very important indication for the need of Apis.Belladonna- This remedy may be used if urge to urinate is frequent and the bladder is very sensitive.

A cramping sensation may be felt in the bladder area. Small amounts of highly colored urine is passed by the person who is suffering from UTI.


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