Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy

The urinary tract is the filtering system of the body for removal of liquid wastes. Women are more to bacteria which may invade the urinary tract and multiply thus causing infection.

Most urinary tract infections (UTI) are not serious, but they are painful. Nearly 50 % of all women will have at least one UTI in her lifetime.

These infections are easily treated with antibiotics. Some women are more prone to repeated infections than others. For those women this can be a frustrating fight. Once bacteria enter the urethra it moves upward and infect the bladder.

In some cases the bacteria moves further and cause infection in other parts of the urinary tract. During sexual intercourse bacteria in the vaginal area are sometimes enters into the urethra through penis.

Women who have sexual intercourse more frequently may experience bladder or urinary tract infections more than the otherwomen. Some women get a UTI when ever they have sex.

The bladder is a muscle that stretches to store the urine and contracts at the time of release of urine. Waiting for long time to pass urine causes the bladder to stretch beyond its capacity.

This may weaken the bladder muscle. Hence bladder may not empty completely. This may increase the risk of urinary tract infection.Here are few home remedy.

Berberis vulgaris-

This homeopathy remedy is recommended for Cystitis with twinges of pain, or a burning feeling that extends up to the urethra. The urinary passage may have burning sensation at times when no attempt is made for urination.

Even after emptying the bladder, the person may feel as if some urine inside the bladder. Urge to urinate and discomfort is more while walking.

Chimaphila umbellata-

This is tried for a person who has a troublesome urge to urinate but has to strain to pass it. At times a scalding sensation may be felt while the urine flows.


This is may be useful for a person who has to urinate frequently during the night and passes large amounts of urine. This may be beneficial for a person who feel a painful urge, and has to strain to urinate.

The person may experience Pain in the back before the urine passes. If the person is having fever, the urine has a reddish color.

Borax - This is helpful for cystitis with pain in the urinary opening and pain in the bladder, with a feeling that the urine is retained.

Children may cry to urinate because they know there will be pain at the time of urination. Borax is very effective for those who are sensitive to noise.


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