Urinary Tract Infections Home Remedies

UTI [urinary tract infections are generally treated by antibiotics. Some doctors prefer home remedies instead of antibiotics due to the side effects of antibiotics.Of course natural treatments do exist for the treatment of urinary tract infection [UTI], but it should be supervised by a naturopathic doctor or other qualified health practitioner.

If the infection is not properly treated, the infection will spread to the kidneys and cause a kidney infection. Even when a person no longer has symptoms immediately after the treatment, the infection should be completely eliminated.

Cranberry juice is very much in use for more than a century for the prevention and treatment for urinary tract infections. It is the antioxidant flavonoids called proanthocyanins that actually prevent bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract.

Drinking at least 16 ounces a day of cranberry or blueberry juice can have a preventative and therapeutic effect. These juices interfere with the ability of bacteria to adhere to the bladder or urethral tissue. We can mix the cranberry juice with apple or grape juice.

We have to avoid products that may irritate the urethra (e.g., bubble bath, scented feminine products). We need to cleanse the genital area before sexual intercourse.

We must Change soiled diapers in infants and toddlers promptly. Drinking plenty of water to remove bacteria from the urinary tract also helps. We should not routinely resist the urge to urinate.

We should follow showers instead of baths. It is always better to urinate after sexual intercourse. Women and girls must wipe from front to back after voiding, in order to prevent contaminating the urethra with bacteria from the anal area.

The natural therapeutics may help patients to counter an existing urinary tract infection (UTI) without antibiotics. Many physicians believe that antibiotics contribute to recurrent infections from increasingly resistant bacteria.

Alkalinize the Urine-some controversy are there about what pH level is most conducive for the bacteria to grow in the urinary tract. Many studies suggest that UTIs benefit from an alkaline pH.

The best way to alkalinize the urine is with minerals like potassium citrate and sodium citrate. All citrates produce alkaline urine. So patients with UTI who are taking a calcium/magnesium supplement must change to a calcium citrate/magnesium citrate preparation.

Mineral supplements should never be taken before bedtime. Because urine that remains in the bladder during sleep will irritate the bladder and promote an infection. Some herbs have antiseptic properties. Drinking these herbs in beverage form throughout the day may disinfect the bladder and ureter there by reducing the infection.


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