Urinary Tract Infection Home Cure

Urinary tract infections [UTI] are very common and are very painful. UTI can be treated easily if properly diagnosed. If treated immediately and properly urinary tract infections are not at all serious.

The important factor in the treatment of urinary tract infections is the early detection and suitable treatment. The few important symptoms are pain in the lower abdomen, urge to urinate very often, and scalding or burning sensation at the time if urination.

Symptoms of UTI are not easy to miss. There will be strong urge to urinate that cannot be delayed which will be followed by a burning sensation in the urethra at the time of urination. Most often very little urine is released and it may be tinged with blood.

There may be soreness in the lower abdomen, back, or sides.Here are few home cure techniques. Nux vomica -this is recommended for irritable bladder with a constant urge and need to urinate.

Burning pain may be felt in the bladder area,with an itching sensation in the urethra at the time of urination. The person will be very irritable, impatient, and chilly.

Hot baths or other forms of warmth will definitely mitigate the symptoms.Staphysagria- this is used for cystitis that develops in a woman after sexual intercourse. This is used for women who are having cystitis if sexual activity is new to her.

Pressure may be felt in the bladder after urinating, and the person will have a feeling that the bladder is not empty. The person will always be having a sensation as if a drop of urine is rolling through the urethra.

Staphysagria can also be recommended for cystitis that develops after the use of catheters.Cantharis- this remedy is indicated for the person who have Strong urge to urinate with severe pains that are felt before and after the urine is passed.

Only very few drops are passed at a time with a scalding sensation. Even after the urination the person may feel constant urge to urinate.Clematis - Thisis recommended for a person who has to have to urinate frequently.

The person may feel constriction in the urinary passage. The flow of urine may be interrupted. Long lasting tingling sensation may be felt by the sufferer where we can use clematis to cure.

Equisetum - equisetum is indicated if cystitis is accompanied by distressing pain and a feeling of fullness in the bladder, even after urinating. Urging and discomfort are more immediately after emptying the bladder. The urge and discomfort will improve when the bladder becomes full.


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