Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines

Urinary tract infections [UTI] are common and are very painful. UTI are easy to treat if properly diagnosed. When treated promptly and properly urinary tract infections are not at all serious.

The key in the treatment of urinary tract infections is the early detection and immediate treatment. Pain in the lower abdomen, urge to urinate frequently, and burning sensation at the time if urination is some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections.

In order to diagnose and confirm the UTI the physician goes for urine test. The urine from the suspected person is collected without any contamination and will be tested for infection by bacteria in the laboratory.

Antibiotics are generally used for the treatment for bladder infections and other urinary tract infections. Seven to ten days of antibiotic usage is usually required. All antibiotics should be taken as prescribed.

The antibiotic should not discontinued before the full treatment is complete. Symptoms may disappear as soon as we start antibiotics but if the antibiotics are discontinued early then the infection may recur.

In general another urine test may be conducted about a week after the completion of treatment to make sure that the infection is completely cured.

We must always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement or urination. We should wash the skin around the rectum and vagina on daily basis.

We have to wash before and after sexual intercourse in order to reduce the risk of UTI. We need to drink plenty of fluids (water). This will help to flush bacteria out of the urinary system. emptying the bladder as soon as the urge to urinate happens will decrease the risk of bladder infection or UTI.

Some physicians feel that urinating before and after sex as will flush out any bacteria that may enter the urethra during sexual intercourse.Vitamin C makes the urine acidic. This helps to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the urinary tract system.

Females need to wear only cotton panties which allows moisture to be absorbed . Other materials may hold moisture and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Cranberry juice offers great help to reduce frequency of bladder infections.

Cranberry supplements are available over-the-counter. Many women find that cranberry works very well when an UTI has occurred.

People who experience frequent urinary tract infections must change sexual positions that cause less friction on the urethra. Some physicians recommend an antibiotic which has to be taken immediately following sex for women who tend to have frequent UTIs.


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