Urinary tract infection for men

Urinary tract infection for men needs to be given more importance now a day through out the world in both the developing and the developed countries.

The incidence is becoming more and more in case of men in various countries. The etiological factors are getting more and more complicated.

Hence, the clinical problem needs to be understood properly before the undertaking of any therapy in this regard.Many urologists feel that considering the other types of infections, the UTI in case of males are of recurrent in nature.

Hence, the treatment is to be continued for a long time particularly when the bladder or any other accessory sex gland is involved with this kind of problem.

Urinary tract infection for men comprises symptoms like dysuria which means the difficulty in urination, blood in urination called as hematuria, experiencing more urge to pass urine but unable to urinate freely etc. Some times, the affected persons may pass the pink colored urine also.

The Escherichia coli like organisms may be involved in the production of UTI infections. These types of organisms may spread in case of clinical affections to other organs and may establish the infection in the concerned place where it gets lodged.

The urinary tract infection for men needs to be approached with cautions because though incidence is less than in females, the severity of the problem is more in case of males.

The prostate gland is the accessory sex gland in case of males. The presence of such organs makes the males more vulnerable to the development of infections in the UTI.

This means that the infection that is established at the prostate gland often ends up in the UTI infection. Urinary tract infection for men gets more complicated in such cases caused basically by the primary infections of the prostate gland.

This is amazing for you? Yes. This is true. The drug therapy in case of prostatitis is also difficult. This is because of the fact that many antibiotics are difficult to pass on to the prostate glands at an appreciable therapeutic level.

Hence, most of the times, in such persons, the recurrent problems occur specifically in the concerned males.The therapy of UTI consists of usage of drugs like cephalosporins like cephalexin.

Sulpha drugs like sulphamethoxazole in combination with trimethoprim, drugs like amoxycillin-clavulanate, macrocrystalline nitrofurantoin etc.However, the side effects of these drugs need to be monitored if long-term therapy is adapted in the affected persons.


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