Urinary Tract Infection Foods To Avoid

One among the various reasons for having Urinary tract infection is unhygienic sex, during intercourse there is a chance of some of bacteria entering into the urethra.


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So it is advisable to clean the genitals before and after intercourse. While using condom for sex, avoid using condoms having spermicide as a lubricant, as the spermicide makes a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria which can lead to infection.

Spermicide is used as a lubricant in many of the condoms.Those infected with urinary tract infection must avoid spicy food with lot oil, taking spicy food with lot of chilly, cause irritation while urinating.

which is one of the symptoms for urinary tract infection. So those infected with urinary tract infection must to try to avoid food with a lot of spices, oil, chilly.

Taking alcohol, aggravates the bacteria causing the urinary tract infection, hence those infected with urinary tract infection must try to avoid a alcohol.

Having coffee is one of the reasons for urinary tract infection; it is medically proved that having coffee increase the blood pressure, so those infected with urinary tract must try to avoid taking coffee.

Tobacco is also one of the reasons for having urinary tract infection, chewing tobacco or smoking affects the urinary tract to a considerable level. So it is preferred to avoid smoking, to keep a healthy, hygienic body free from any infection.

Starch rich food is one of the reasons for urinary tract infection, in sugar, starch is very rich which is one of factors for the infection. Avoid taking fatty foods; avoid having some of the fruits beans and cabbage to avoid urinary tract infection

Avoid taking chocolates and chewing gums. Avoid taking corn and peas which give digestion related problem. Having carrots is one of the reasons for the infection.

Having contaminated water gives rise to diarrhea, so try to avoid contaminated water. Avoid taking a food having a lot of lactose; milk has a lot of lactose. Lactose makes the infection worse. So those infected with urinary tract infection must try to avoid milk.



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