Urinary Tract Infection Fever

Urinary tract infection fever is one of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection in adults as well as in children. If anyone have fever, it is better to consult a physician at the earliest to avoid complication of treatment at a later stage.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection are fever, nausea, vomit, passing urine with blood, passing urine frequently during nights, pain in the kidney, pain in the abdominal are just below the ribs and above the waist.

Urinary tract infection fever is caused by the infection of the bacteria E-coli on the urinary tract. The bacteria passes to the urinary tract either through the urethras or from the feces in the large intestine.

If the infection is in the urethra then it is called cystitis or lower urinary tract infection. On the other hand if the infection is in the kidneys then it is called pyelonephritis or upper urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection fever is common symptom for cystitis or pyelonephritis. Onlyl a physician will know the exact location of the infection and the exact bacteria causing the infection.

Urine analysis is done to determine the bacteria causing the infection. Of latest bio-sensor technology is used to determine the bacteria causing the infection. Bio-sensor technology is less time consuming than the normal urine analysis method.

Cystitis can be treated with nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim. Sulphamethaxazole is also effective in the treatment of urinary traction fever.

If the fever persists for a few weeks, it may be bacterial infection on the urinary tract or formation of kidneys stones in the kidneys. Treatment of kidneys is complicated. Kidneys stones can only be removed through surgery.

Few causes for urinary tract infection are using public swimming pool, using deodarants, sprays, scents, and wearing tight under garments.By following the precautions and safety measures, urinary tract infection can be cured effectively.


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