Urinary Tract Infection Effects

Urinary tract infection affects the urinary tract considerably; it is always advisable to consult a physician at the earliest to avoid complication of treatment at a later stage.

Urinary tract infection infects all kinds of persons under all walks of life regardless of age of gender. Some of urinary tract infection is symptotic and some other is asymptotic.

Symptotic type of infection shows symptoms, signs for infection. On the other hand, symptotic infection doesn’t show any symptom of infection. Only a physician will distinguish the type of infection.

Kidneys play an important role in the blood purification process. Kidneys separate the waste particles and produce urine which is let out through the urethra.

Any infection in the kidneys will affect the blood purification process if the infection is detected and cured at the early stage, sometimes the infection will lead to serious damage to the kidneys and removal of the kidneys.

If the urinary tract infection is not detected at an early stage, it will infect the bladder and kidneys considerably. If the bladder and kidneys are effected, then the urine comes out with blood, there will foul odor in the urine, urine comes out frequently during sleep.

Having the urge to pass urine but only little urine comes out, any pain in the urethras, any pain in the kidneys, any pain in the abdominal just below the ribs and above the waist.

On noticing these symptoms it is always recommended to consult a physician at the earliest.When a pregnant is infected with urinary tract infection, it affects both the mother and the fetus and the mother gives a pre-mature delivery.

Infants born to urinary tract infected mother will be of low birth weight and with certain abnormalities and disorders.If a child is infected with urinary tract infection, then the child will hesitate to pass urine.

This is an indication that the children in effected by urinary tract infection. While treating children correct dose of antibiotic must be given or otherwise certain will produce certain side effects.By adhering to the precaution and safety measures, urinary tract infection effects can be reduced considerably.


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