Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy

The infection of the bacteria Escherichia coli on the urinary tract leads to urinary tract infection during pregnancy.

No proper treatment during pregnancy will lead to infants with preterm birth and low birth weight during delivery. The accumulation of these bacteria in the urinary tract can
be easily traced out by conducting urine test on the pregnant woman.

Pregnant woman should treated with proper antibiotic so that the antibiotic would won’t create any complications to the mother and the fetus.

The pregnant woman should consult thefamily
physician for proper treatment of urinary tract infection, because some of the antibiotics may be harmful for the mother and the fetus.

Frequent vomiting, frequent urination, frequent chills, frequent nausea are some of the symptoms for urinary Tract infection. Infection on the bladder, infection on the kidney, infection on the urethra and any of these can lead to urinary tract infection during Pregnancy.

Common symptom for urinary tract infection is burning sensation while urinating.Some asymptomatic bacteria show no symptoms at all and the pregnant woman shouldConsult a family physician for any traces of urinary tract infection.

A proper treatment at the correct stage is both good for the Mother and the baby.Urination after sexual intercourse and wiping front to back prevents urinary tract infection.

The growing uterus presses the urethra further growing baby inside the uterus also presses the Urethra and the pregnant woman take more time to urinate, and if there is any infection, it will Lead to further complications.

Drinking plenty of water and drinking lot of fruit juices will some extent avoid the urinary tract Infection. Treatment at an early stage is always recommended.


Please try to urinate before and after intercourse

Please try to avoid very tight inner garments

Please try to keep genitals clean always.


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