Urinary Tract Infection Contagious

Urinary tract infection is contagious, this type of infection are not spread from one person to another but are spread through bacteria. One of the bacteria causing urinary tract infection is E-coli.

The bacteria get deposited into the urinary tract and accumulate itself in the urinary tract. The possible ways of bacteria getting into the urinary tract are, through the urethras up into the bladder and the kidneys, or through the feces in the large intestine into the kidneys from up to the down.

Symptoms for urinary tract infections are much alike sexually transmitted diseases, but unlike sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infection are not contagious.

But on other hand sexually transmitted diseases are contagious. There is all possibility of transmission of infection from one person to another in sexually transmitted diseases.

Highly contagious disease Scabies is spread through person to person contact, some of the symptoms of scabies are burning sensation in the genitals, naval, thighs.

Scabies lead to neurological disorders in the body; some of the infection by scabies remains for life. These scabies may lead to urinary tract infection while having intercourse.

Antibiotic pyridium gives relief from symptoms but provided no cure from the infection.To avoid these infection certain clean toilet habits must be followed, use condoms while having intercourse with multiple sex partners.

Women should avoid anal sex as this causes the bacteria to enter into the urinary tract, through anal sex some of the bacteria in the feces can come into contact with urethra and thereby gain entry into the urethra.

To prevent contagious infection drink plenty of water to wash out all bacteria, pass urine freely until the bladder empties out completely, use condoms while having sex, use lubricants.

While having sex if the genital area is dry, respect each others feeling while having intercourse and never use force.By adhering to the above precautions urinary tract infection contagious one can be avoided at an early stage of infection itself.


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