Urinarty Tract Infection Symptoms and Causes

Urinary tract infection infects all kinds of persons of all ages. Any infection shows certain symptoms. These symptoms give an indication of the infection.

The causes of the infection are mainly due to infection of bacteria on the urinary tract. Let us see in detail about the urinary tract infection infection symptoms and causes.

Few symptoms of urinary tract infection are, urine comes out with a burning sensation, having the urge to pass urine more often, have the urge to pass urine but urine not passing out freely.

Urine comes out with blood, urine comes out with a foul odor, having fever, having nausea, vomit. These are few symptoms of urinary tract infection. If anyone have these symptoms, it is better to consult a physician early to avoid complication of the infection at an later stage.

The causes of urinary tract infection is mainly due to bacterial infection on the urethra, the common type of bacteria causing urinary tract infection is E-coli bacteria,normally the bacteria infects the urethra, if proper medicines are not taken at the early stage.

The bacteria slowly passes to the kidneys through the ureters and the bladder. When the infection passes to bladder and the kidneys, the infection is serious so that treatment becomes complicated.

So It is always recommended to consult a physician by reading the symptoms at an early stage itself. Other cause of the urinary tract infection is some of the bacteria entering the urinary tract from the feces in the large intestine affecting the kidney.

Kidney is most important organ in the urinary tract, kidney plays an important role in blood purification. When the bacteria infect the kidneys, blood purification gets into trouble.

Few symptom of kidney infection are feeling back pain, feeling pain in the abdominal area below the ribs and above the waist.A thorough knowledge of the urinary tract infection symptoms and causes gives a better understanding of the infection.


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